What to Do When Your Van Fails MOT

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What to Do When Your Van Fails MOT

Passing the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test remains a crucial requirement for van owners in the UK. A failed MOT can be a source of stress, but with the right approach, you can navigate through the situation effectively. This educational guide will walk you through the steps to take when your van fails its MOT, and remember, for more specific advice based on your location, visit sellmybrokenvan.com/location/ for tailored information.

Understanding MOT Failure

When your van fails its MOT, the first step is to understand the reasons behind the failure. MOT tests cover various aspects such as vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. A failure can result from anything from brake problems to emissions issues.

Step 1: Review the Failure Report

Carefully review the VT30 certificate, which details the reasons for MOT failure. This document will list all the ‘major’ and ‘dangerous’ defects found. Understanding these details is key to addressing the issues.

Step 2: Decide on Repairs

Once you know why your van failed, decide on the next steps:

  • Minor Issues: These might be something you can fix yourself.
  • Major or Dangerous Defects: It’s advisable to seek professional repairs. Remember, driving a van with dangerous defects is illegal and can lead to fines or points on your license.

Step 3: Consider the Costs

Evaluate the cost of repairs. If they are extensive, compare these costs against the value of your van. In some cases, especially with older vans, it might be more cost-effective to consider other options, such as selling your van. For insights into van values in different locations, check sellmybrokenvan.com/location/.

Step 4: Retest Your Van

After repairs are completed, your van will need to be retested. You have a few options for this:

  • Full Retest: If you take longer than 10 working days to return the van for a retest, it will need to undergo a full MOT test again.
  • Partial Retest: If you bring the van back within 10 working days, only the failed items will be retested.

Step 5: Explore Alternatives

If repairs are too costly or if your van repeatedly fails the MOT, it might be time to consider alternatives like selling your van. At sellmybrokenvan.com, we offer a seamless process to help you get a fair price for your van, regardless of its MOT status.

Step 6: Stay Informed and Prepared

To avoid future MOT failures, regular maintenance and addressing issues as they arise are essential. Understand common van problems and their solutions, and keep an eye on your van’s condition. For location-specific advice and services, visit sellmybrokenvan.com/location/.


A failed MOT doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your van. Whether it’s repairing and retesting or making the decision to sell, you have options. For more information on MOT tests, van maintenance, and selling options in your area, visit sellmybrokenvan.com/location/. Stay proactive about your van’s health to ensure it remains a reliable asset for as long as you need it.

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