Why Are Sell My Broken Van Able to Pay So Much For My Vehicle?

Why Are Sell My Broken Van Able to Pay So Much For My Vehicle?

At Sell My Broken Van, we pride ourselves on being able to buy your vans off you for more money than most of our competitors.

When buying or selling anything online, we completely understand that you may not know which company to use and may be hesitant to sell your van to a company that are offering more money than you’d been previously quoted.

But with Sell My Broken Van, the old saying that if a price is too good to be true doesn’t apply to us! Find out below why we’re able to offer such a great and honest price for your van.

We Have Little Overheads

We aren’t a large multi-national company with numerous offices and loads of staff. We are a small close-knit team that are experts in what we do.

Not having these extra overheads that a lot of our competitors do means we’re able to save money elsewhere, and therefore are able to pay you exactly what we believe your van is worth.

It Doesn’t Take Us Long to Quote

Our easy-to-use website means we are able to quote all customers in a matter of minutes! We don’t have to waste your time with phone calls or visits to our site.

We can offer you a price for your van and even discuss this over WhatsApp so you can reply whenever is most convenient! As soon as price is agreed, we’ll arrange collection the same or very next day. This quick, seamless process means we don’t have lots of high wages to pay.

We Repair Everything Ourselves In-House

We repair everything in-house ourselves so there are no middleman costs.

This means that the payment you receive for your van doesn’t have any deductions for other companies’ repairs.

We Have Extensive Knowledge In Buying & Repairing Vans

Above all else, buying broken and damaged vans is what we do.

Having the expertise and experience in house means we know exactly what we’re talking about and can work together to provide the very best quotes for our customers.

Sell Your Van Today

We are the easiest, quickest and most stress-free way of selling your broken or working van.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our reviews here.

All we need to value your van is your registration number and some photos. We will provide a simple, easy to understand quote and if you’re happy to go ahead, your van can be recovered the very next day.

If you would like to have a look at what we could offer for your vehicle, enter your registration using our easy online form here.

Need to talk through your quote or have any questions? Give us a call on 07549 041672 or email [email protected]

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