What to Consider When Choosing the Best Company to Sell Your Van to Online

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Company to Sell Your Van to Online

When selling anything as high value as a vehicle, it’s so important to ensure that you choose the best company for you.

If you’ve come this far, then you’ve probably already decided that you’re going to be selling your van online – which is great news!

So if you’re stuck on choosing an online van buyer, take a look at some of the top things you should consider before making your decision.

Check Out Reviews

The best way to find out how trustworthy and genuine a company can be by checking out their online reviews. Facebook, Trustpilot, and Google are all extremely useful tools to find honest and unbiased reviews about a company.

At Sell My Broken Van, we’re proud to have lots of 5* reviews which you can check out here. We are an honest, local, Yorkshire company with years of experience in the industry.

You can trust that we know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to buying broken vans and will happily answer any queries you have!

Do They Offer Free Online Valuations & Pay a Fair Price?

Before agreeing to sell your van, it’s crucial that you have a valuation and can agree on a fair price for your vehicle.

At Sell My Broken Van, we offer free valuations directly on our website by simply answering a few questions such as the vehicle registration, model, and condition of your van.

As we’re not a large chain company, we decide all the prices ourselves and give you the right price for your old van.

Once we purchase your van from you, we then prepare it for resale. However, with Sell My Broken Van, everything is repaired in-house! This means we don’t add on any extra fees for the repair of your van. We can offer the best possible price because we do all the work ourselves.

We also don’t have expensive overheads like our competitors as we buy and sell all of our vehicles online. By selling your van online with Sell My Broken Van, you are cutting out the middleman and getting yourself the very best price.

What Types of Vans Do They Buy?

Of course, one of the most important things to know is whether they are happy to purchase your van!

At Sell My Broken Van, we buy any vans at all. No matter what make or model, or condition of the van – we’re able to buy your van from you. Even broken ones! (hence our name). 

How Quick Can They Collect Your Van?

All we need to value your van is your registration number and some photos.

We will provide a simple, easy to understand quote and if you’re happy to go ahead, your van can be recovered the very next day or even the same day in some cases!

Once you are happy with your quote, we will book your van collection with us.

How Quickly Can You Receive Payment?

The most important thing of all for a lot of people. When you sell your van, getting paid promptly can prove vital to the running of your business.

Without your van on your drive, you’re going to want the money back in your bank so that you’re able to reinvest in a new van as quickly as possible and get you back on the road.

At Sell My Broken Van, we even ensure the money is in your account before we collect the vehicle from your property.

Ready to sell your van online with us? Use our free and easy online valuation tool now!

You can even call or WhatsApp us on 07549 041672 if you have any questions or would like to discuss your quote in person!

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