We Buy Any Van… Even Broken Ones!

We Buy Any Van… Even Broken Ones!

Yes, that’s right! No matter what condition your van is in, you can sell it to Sell My Broken Van. We believe that there is always life left in your old van, so we buy them from you to reuse for parts or fix up.

It’s important that you find a buyer for your old van before you start to look for something new. We provide an easy and efficient option for selling your van for the best possible price.

So if you’re looking for advice on selling your van, look no further than Sell My Broken Van.

What Are the Most Common Vans We Buy?

As we fix up all vans at our very own in-house garage, we are happy to buy any make and model.

Whether you have used your van for a trade job, passenger travel or just general day to day use, we will offer the very best price for your van and can even collect it the same day.

With years of industry experience behind us, we are experts in all of the most popular vans, including:

  • Fiat Doblo 1.3 CDTI
  • Vauxhall Combo 1.3 CDTI
  • Fiat Fiorino 1.3 CDTI
  • Citroen Nemo 1.3 CDTI
  • Peugeot Bipper CDTI
  • Ford Transit Connect

Not sure if we would buy your van? Just pop your registration into https://sellmybrokenvan.com and we will you a quick quote!

Our experienced team will be happy to talk you through your quote if you have any questions.

What Are the Most Common Faults With the Vans We Buy?

As we buy all vans – even at end of life, we see all the different faults that could happen to your van. As we are experts when it comes to broken vans, there are a few faults that are more common than others:

  • Engine failure: caused by abnormal combustion inside the engine, engine failure can also be caused by bad ignition timing, incorrect spark plugs, low octane fuel or elevated engine operating temperature. Signs of engine failure can include knocking, squealing, grinding and smoke coming from the engine.
  • Timing chain failure: this can happen due to the timing chain stretching because of internal component wear over time. If your chain fails then your vehicle will not run at all. Once your timing chain is stretched, it may skip a gear and lead to an engine misfire.
  • Cambelt failure: it’s crucial that the valves at the top of the engine do not come into contact with the pistons. If a cambelt or timing chain fails, this system will get out of sync or out of line. This means that the moving parts within your engine are free to collide, causing catastrophic and usually permanent damage.
  • Injectors blowing out: signs of your injector blowing out include a chuffing sound and a black ‘tar’ will be seen. This occurs when the injector doesn’t seal against the injector seat in the cylinder head.
  • Oil pump failure: an oil pump is crucial to the running of your vehicle. A bad or faulty oil pump won’t move the oil around your system properly. This then leads to further vehicle damage and your engine can even overheat due to the parts not being lubricated properly.
  • Turbo failure: oil starvation, oil contamination and foreign object damage are the three main causes of turbo failure. 90% of turbocharger failures are caused by oil related problems. These can either be due to oil starvation or oil contamination.

How Much Could I Sell My Broken Van for?

The price you would receive for your van depends on a lot of factors! Things to consider include year of manufacture, mileage, internal faults and cosmetic damage.

Our quick and easy online quotation tool can give you a rough guide as to what you would get for your van. Want to discuss your price or the vehicle? You can call or WhatsApp us on 07511 918 264 or email [email protected].

Our team would be happy to talk you through the selling process and if you choose to sell to us, your money will be in your account before we even collect the van!

Fast Cash for your broken van