Van Security: How Can I Protect My Business Van from Theft or Damage?

Van Security: How Can I Protect My Business Van from Theft or Damage?

If you use a van for work, it can be absolutely crucial to running your business. Whether it’s the van itself or the tools you keep inside, it’s important to keep them as safe and secure as possible!

With over 30 vans being stolen every single day in the UK, it’s worth taking the extra steps to make sure yours isn’t an easy target. Even accidental damage to your van can affect your work if it needs to go into the garage for a repair.

There are lots of small but significant things you can do yourself to ensure your van has the best security possible.

Don’t Leave Anything in Sight

It may seem obvious, but it is all too easy to leave things like wallets or small tools on show ‘just for the night’!

Every time you park your van up, whether it’s at a job or at home, you should always take a couple of extra minutes to make sure there is absolutely nothing on display that someone would be tempted to break in for.

Move Van Keys Inside Your Home

Under no circumstances should you ever leave your keys inside your van, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes whilst looking at a job.

When you’re home, try and keep your keys in a secure space inside and far away from any windows and doors.

Newer vans even have keyless ignitions so it’s important that you don’t leave your fob close enough to the van for it to unlock. We recommend a distance of at least 20 meters but it’s always worth checking the fob range with the manufacturer.

Install Van Security Locks

Security locks can be a great way to provide an extra layer of security to your van.

There is no spring mechanism in a deadlock so it’s extremely hard to force open or pick like a traditional lock. You can fit extra locks yourself, but we would recommend getting it fitted by a professional to make sure it works properly.

Install a Dash Cam

Dash cams are useful if you were to ever get into an accident or damage is caused to your van whilst you are driving.

As your van is so important to running your business, if any damage was to ever occur, you need this to be sorted as quickly as possible. A dashcam means everything that happens is caught on camera and you will be able to see how the damage was caused.

Fit a Tracker

If your van was ever to be stolen, a tracker could be the very best way in finding the culprits and return the van to you.

A tracker will keep an up to date and accurate location of your van at all times. Thieves also most likely wouldn’t know to check for a tracker so wouldn’t know to remove it beforehand.

Install CCTV Where the Van Is Parked

CCTV can be a very effective repellent when it comes to deterring thieves.

Whether your van is kept at home or at your work premises, you should have CCTV installed to ensure all of your vans are covered.

Most modern CCTV systems now come with apps you can install on your phone, so you can make sure your van is secure even when you’re away.

What Can I Do If My Van Has Been Damaged?

If your van has been criminally damaged, you should always inform the police first. You should also contact your car insurance to let them know of any issues with your vehicle.

If you need to purchase a new van, it’s important to sell your damaged van as soon as possible so you can get back to work!

At Sell My Broken Van, we buy all vans of any make, model, mileage and condition.

You can send pictures of the damage over to us on WhatsApp and we can send you an accurate quote for the purchase of your van. Once the price is agreed, the money will be in your bank account before we even collect the van!

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