Value My Van: How Much is My Van Worth?

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Value My Van: How Much is My Van Worth?

If you’re due an upgrade on your van – the first thing you should do is find out the value of your current van.

Once you know how much you can sell your van for, you’ll be in a much better position to begin shopping around for a new one.

Many people don’t realise, but selling privately doesn’t always mean you’re getting more money for your vehicle. At Sell My Broken Van, we can offer you a free, quick valuation for your van and can even discuss your quote with you before you decide.

Whether your van is broken or still fully running, we can value you it for you! Find out more about how much your van might be worth and how to sell your van online below:

What Determines the Value of My Van?

The value of your van depends on a range of different factors.

These do differ from time to time due to things like the release of new models and editions. If your van is broken or damaged, then pictures will be required in order for us to provide an accurate quote.

The main determining factors are outlined below:

  • Supply & Demand: As with all markets, the current demand for vehicles can make the price you receive go up or down. This will be reflected in both private and commercial sales.
  • Your Van’s Make & Model: Different vehicle makes and models sell for a range of prices brand new and some are more costly than others to fix. Therefore, the quote you receive will take your van’s make and model into consideration.
  • The Condition of Your Van: If a van is going to cost more to fix, then you will receive a lower payment for it as the cost of parts and repairs has to be taken into consideration.
  • Your Van’s Mileage: Mileage affects the price of your vehicle because as a general rule, the higher the mileage, the more wear and tear incurred.
  • The Age of Your Van: The older a van is, the more the price of it will be depreciate. As a vehicle ages, it can require more work and new parts to keep running.
  • Your Van’s Specification: Vans that have a higher specification will fetch a higher purchase price as they are able to be sold on and re-purchased for more.
  • Your Van’s Previous Owners: As with purchasing cars, the less owners of a vehicle, the better. This is due to the fact that any vehicle that has had less owners general display less wear and tear.
  • Method of Selling: The method you choose to sell your car can have a surprising effect on the price you get for it. Online buyers can usually offer much better prices due to have less overheads and outgoings than dealerships.

Can I Get a Van Valuation Online?

The short answer is yes!

Our online valuation tool is very simple and quick to use. All we need is your van registration and some pictures of any damage and we can provide a no obligation quote.

Any queries? Our friendly team are happy to discuss your quote before you commit to anything.

Selling your van online is the easiest way to get your van sold – fast! Car dealerships aren’t able to offer you the best prices for your vehicle. Overheads and extra costs all deduct from the price they will pay for your van.

Not to mention it is much more convenient to sell online! You can get a price and arrange collection of your van from the comfort of your own home.

Who Buys Vans Online?

There are a range of different online businesses who will purchase your old van.

It’s always best to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best deal! Most online buyers will offer a simple, straightforward quote on your van.

The best way to find the right place to sell your van is by shopping around. Find a specialist company who offers you the best price and has excellent customer reviews.

There shouldn’t be any hidden fees or added charges after your sale has been agreed.

For a free online quotation from Sell My Broken Van, use our easy online form here.

What About if My Van’s Broken or a Non-Runner?

This is perfect for Sell My Broken Van.

Our first aim with all broken vans is to get them back up and running. We see the light at the end of the tunnel for your broken van.

We can utilise all parts of old vans and will happily purchase your broken or off-road vehicle.

How Long Would It Take to Sell My Van Online?

Our quoting process is very quick and easy. Once you are happy with your online van valuation, we will arrange collection.

We even offer a same day or next day collection. All you have to do is let us know the location of your van. The money will be in your bank account before we even collect!

How Sell My Broken Van Can Keep Our Valuations So High

We always aim to offer you the best possible price for your vehicle.

At Sell My Broken Van, it is extremely important to us that we can continue to provide the best valuations for our customers.

We repair everything in-house ourselves so the payment you receive for your van doesn’t have any deductions for other companies’ repairs.

Our easy-to-use website also means we are able to quote all customers in a matter of minutes! We don’t have to waste your time with phone calls or visits to our site. We can offer you a price for your van and even discuss this over WhatsApp so you can reply whenever is most convenient! As soon as price is agreed, we’ll arrange collection the same or very next day.

Above all else, buying broken and damaged vans is what we do. Having the expertise and experience in house means we know exactly what we’re talking about and can work together to provide the very best quotes for our customers.

Ready to find out how much you would get for selling your van online? Use our online form or message our friendly team on 07549 041672.

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