Sorn My Van: What To Do If You No Longer Require Your Vehicle

Sorn My Van: What To Do If You No Longer Require Your Vehicle

Has it come to the point you no longer need your van? Is it faulty? Maybe a new trade? Or a car may be more practical for your needs? Does the insurance not balance out to how much you use it?

Whatever the reason, understanding when you must sorn your vehicle is important. And it’s also important to understand the other options you have available to you if you no longer require your vehicle.

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What Does it Mean to Sorn My Van?

To sorn your van basically means to cancel your vehicle tax by telling the DVLA that you no longer use this vehicle and that it’s off the road – for example in your garage.

If you sorn your van then you can actually get a refund for any full months remaining of tax, so it can have definitely have its benefits.

Sorning your vehicle is different to selling it or by scrapping it or writing it off. When you sell a car, your tax isn’t transferred to the new user, so you must let the DVLA know either way and you may still be entitled to a partial refund.

What Other Options Are Available To Me?

Instead of sorning your vehicle and leaving it sitting on your drive or in your garage, then why not sell it to us?

This will mean you can actually get some money for your vehicle, no matter what condition it’s in – rather than leaving it to depreciate in value further whilst sitting in your garage.

At Sell My Broken Van, we can even collect it from your house address or from your work!

Don’t forget you can’t leave your van untaxed on the road, it needs to be off the highway. So selling your van online could also be a good option if you don’t have a garage or other space for your vehicle.

With Sell My Broken Van, you can get a quick quote online, just by entering your vehicle reg at This gives you a great idea of the price you would get before making any commitments.

If your van has any severe damage or running issues, just give us a call and we can provide a more accurate price.

Just one enquiry or one phone call and this could be sorted as quick as a few minutes! Get in touch with our friendly team now.

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