Scrap My Van: 5 Signs That Your Van Is Ready to Go!

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Scrap My Van: 5 Signs That Your Van Is Ready to Go!

When your van is such a vital part of your business, it’s so important to make sure it is always completely reliable and fit for purpose.

Unfortunately, with most trades, your van will see a fair bit of wear and tear over the years! Eventually, the time will come where you need to scrap your van and invest in another.

Vehicle scrapping is becoming more and more common. It’s the quickest and easiest way of getting rid of your old van so your work is undisrupted!

Not sure what to look for to know when your van has seen better days? Read our handy guide below:

What Does it Mean to Scrap My Van?

When your van has reached the end of its life, you can sell this on to be scrapped.

To scrap your van, it first has to be deregistered – the company you scrap your van with can usually help with this.

The vehicle will then usually be stripped for parts that can be re-used before the metal is melted down.

How to Know If I’m Ready to Scrap My Van

We don’t very often sit and consider whether we are really making the best decision for our businesses when it comes to your van!

Your van not being up to scratch can actually be costing you so much more than just money, without you even realising.

Here’s what to look out for when it’s time to start thinking about selling or scrapping your van:

1) You’re Spending Too Much on Repairs

As with all vehicles, the cost of any repairs must be justified by the life-span and quality of the van.

If you are frequently having to take your van to the garage, then this is not only costing you money – but also time that you aren’t able to spend on jobs!

2) You Avoid Driving Long Distances

Above all else, your van must be reliable and able to perform its duties.

If you don’t feel comfortable committing to long drives in your vehicle, then it’s time for a new one! The reliability of your van shouldn’t ever be compromised when it is such a vital part of your business.

3) Major Systems Are Starting to Fail

Your van not only needs to get you from A to B, but it needs to keep all of your specialist tools and equipment safe.

If your van starts having mechanical or electrical issues, it can have a serious knock-on effect on how much work you are able to get done and how reliable you are for your clients.

4) It’s Becoming Covered in Rust

Rust is a very serious indicator that you need to think about changing your van.

Rust causes metal to dissolve and being as vehicles are almost made up of metal entirely, it’s a big problem! Not only does it mean the connections in your van start going bad, but it also causes safety issues.

5) You Avoid Meeting Clients in It

Your van should represent your business and you should be proud to arrive to client meetings in it! If you don’t feel your van is displaying the desired look for your business, then it’s time to upgrade.

Having the right tools and equipment can make a big difference on the first impression you make with your customers.

How Sell My Broken Van Can Help!

No matter what condition your van is in, we can help!

Here at Sell My Broken Van, we can offer the very best prices as we take on all work in house and don’t have any overheads as larger companies do. We have years of industry knowledge so can easily answer any questions you may have about the selling or scrapping process.

You don’t even have to leave your house if you decide to scrap or sell. As soon as your price has been agreed, we will collect your van either the same or the very next day!

Our nationwide service even means it doesn’t matter where in the UK you are, you can still use our expert service.

We can provide all quotes easily online and help with any queries on 07549 041672.

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