My Van Has Broken Down & I Can’t Afford To Fix It

My Van Has Broken Down & I Can’t Afford To Fix It

It always happens when you very least expect it. Your van has broken down, and you can’t afford to fix it.

Nothing lasts forever as we all know, but it can be very frustrating when your means of work vehicle no longer runs or is no longer roadworthy. Have you been quoted high repair bills and realised your van is not worth the money? Or has your van been too unreliable to spend any more on?

But even if your van no longer runs, won’t start, has an expired MOT or if it’s failed its MOT – it still may be worth more than you think.

So what are your options to get you back on the road and able to work again as soon as possible?

Should I Scrap My Van?

Your local scrap yard may be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s important to remember that there are options where you could get more money.

To scrap your van, it first has to be deregistered – the company you scrap your van with can usually help with this.

The vehicle will then usually be stripped for parts that can be re-used before the metal is melted down.

Could I Sell My Broken Van Online?

 If your van is beyond repair or the costs to fix it are far too expensive, then it can sometimes be easier and more cost-effective to get rid of it and buy or lease a new one.

As mentioned above, scrapping is generally the obvious choice for a broken van, however, you may actually be able to get more money by selling it online!

And don’t worry, even if it’s completely broken down away from home – here at Sell My Broken Van, we can actually collect it for you from anywhere in the UK. All you have to do is simply fill in our enquiry form, and fill in the address where the van is and we’ll take care of the rest.

We can also collect it right from your door. So instead of scrapping it or simply giving it away, try a quick quote first, it’s easy and very simple, and could be collected from your door the very same day.

Here at Sell My Broken Van, we specialise in buying none running or no longer road worthy commercial vehicles, fill in a quick quote.

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