WeBuyAnyCar vs. SellMyBrokenVan: Which Service Suits You Best?


WeBuyAnyCar vs. SellMyBrokenVan: Which Service Suits You Best?

When it comes to selling your vehicle, choosing the right service can make all the difference in convenience, value, and overall experience. Two popular options in the UK are WeBuyAnyCar and SellMyBrokenVan. Each has its unique strengths, and the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison to help you decide.

Service Overview

WeBuyAnyCar is known for its widespread advertising and the promise of a quick, hassle-free car sale. It appeals to those looking for a fast way to sell any car, regardless of condition.

SellMyBrokenVan, on the other hand, specializes in vans, particularly those that are not in perfect condition. This service is ideal for van owners who might otherwise believe their vehicle is too damaged or worn to sell.



  • Numerous branches across the country, making in-person assessments easy and convenient.
  • Quick online valuation process, though the final offer may differ after a physical inspection.
  • Generally, completes the sale process quickly once the offer is accepted.


  • Tailored specifically to vans, providing specialized service and expertise.
  • Convenient online valuation form that requires just the registration number and a few details about the van’s condition.
  • Offers a detailed follow-up, usually a call, to discuss the valuation and potential sale, adding a personal touch to the service.

Valuation and Pricing


  • Offers a broad estimation range online but adjusts the final offer based on an in-depth inspection, which can sometimes result in a lower price than initially quoted.
  • Prices offered are generally competitive but may be lower to cover the company’s overheads and profit margins.


  • Provides valuations that are keenly attuned to the specific market for used and damaged vans, which might offer better value for certain vehicles.
  • Transparent about the valuation process, aiming to offer a fair price based on current market conditions and the specific state of the van.

User Experience


  • The process is streamlined for efficiency, which suits sellers looking for quick transactions.
  • Some users report pressure to accept on-the-spot offers during appointments.


  • Focuses on a no-pressure approach, allowing van owners to consider their options without immediate decisions.
  • Specializes in vans, which means the advice and offers are tailored to what is often a niche audience.

Which Service Should You Choose?

Choose WeBuyAnyCar if:

  • You value speed and convenience over everything else and are willing to potentially accept a slightly lower offer for a quick sale.
  • You have a car to sell, not a van.

Choose SellMyBrokenVan if:

  • You own a van, especially one that may not be in perfect condition.
  • You are looking for a service that understands the specifics of vans and can offer tailored advice and potentially better value for vans in less-than-perfect condition.
  • You prefer a more personalized, less pressured selling experience.

Both WeBuyAnyCar and SellMyBrokenVan offer distinct advantages depending on your vehicle type and selling priorities. For van owners, especially those with vehicles that have seen better days, SellMyBrokenVan provides a specialized service that maximizes the value of your van with an expert understanding of its market. Consider your needs, your vehicle’s condition, and your preferences to make the best choice for you.

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