Common Faults: Citroen Nemo Van Problems Explained

Common Faults: Citroen Nemo Van Problems Explained

1300 1.3 CDTI Fit in Citroen Nemo Vans

The famous 1300 1.3 CDTI fit found in a Citroen Nemo van can have many faults from the annoying Timing Chain Rattle to the Timing chain Failure.

When the Timing does begin to rattle, it usually wears through the timing cover and guides causing bottom end failure.

If this does happen you will hear a metallic engine knock / engine knocking. In this instance, the debris from the failing components then makes its way through the oil galleries into the turbo causing turbo failure.

This will require a full engine rebuild or a replacement. Suffering from a broken timing chain can also result in a new engine as all the pistons will hit the valves causing internal damage. 

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